Meet British pop/dance duo Voix with their latest single, the heart-stirring “Flame”

VOIX, “Flame”

With underlying anthemic touches and heart-stirring lyrics, be sure to check out “Flame” by British pop/dance duo Voix.  Relatively new on the music scene, Voix (Andi Anderson and Mike Smith) have released several singles in the last year or so, but “Flame” stands out as the sum of all of its fine parts. The warm lead vocals are also augmented by 30 background vocalists who happen to be fans of the group – that’s pretty impressive fan engagement!  Those voices – and of course “Voix” means “voices” in French – certainly give an unexpected lift to “Flame” which has a steady rhythm and radio-friendly vibe. Remixes could help draw in more fans of the electronic dance genre, but “Flame” impresses right out of the gate.