Meet Manchester alt.pop singer/songwriter @ScottMagnus9 with guitar-driven anthem “The Phoenix”

SCOTT MAGNUS, “The Phoenix”

From first listen, “The Phoenix” by new Manchester alt.pop singer/songwriter Scott Magnus will certainly grab you with its straight-forward melody and honest vibe. Repeated listens though allow you to probe the lyrics deeper when you learn that Scott is not only an advocate for people with disabilities, but has ADHD, Autism and Dyspraxia himself.  So while “The Phoenix” rising from ashes is a common image, Scott – who plays guitar and is also an actor, model and comedian – presents it as a signpost for his ongoing battle and for those who experience it with him, so that collectively that battle can eventually be overcome.  And he presents it so well, with a terrific vocal that highlights (instead of hides) his beautiful accent. “The Phoenix” comes from Scott Magnus’ upcoming debut EP Comeback Stronger, and I’ll certainly be looking forward to hearing more from him.