“Satellite” is sparkling new synth-pop from @Frankmusik

FRANKMUSIK, “Satellite”

While he has continued to make and release music over the last few years, UK multi-talent Frankmusik had to take a few steps back not long ago to settle into a new life with spouse and child in L.A.  His music is always intriguing. whether recording under a pseudonym (Stephanie Clothing) or giving us frequent tastes throughout 2021 of what undoubtedly will be a new album. “Satellite” is a beautiful, sparkling track that stands out because of its extremely catchy chorus which is sung in his high register. With a straight-forward song structure, “Satellite” also allows Frankmusik to embellish the production with splashy synths that really give the song a lift.  High calibre songs such as “Satellite” will continue to allow us all to look forward to more from Frankmusik mach 2021.