British producer @ZenDubmusic brings drum and bass dance music to the fore again with “Invoke” from the new album “Enigma”

ZEN DUB, “Invoke”

“Invoke” is dance music for creative thinkers, as British producer Zen Dub pulls drum and bass melody and beats front and centre for the first time in a long while. Culled from his ambitious 10 track album Enigma, “Invoke” reminds me a bit of what Tritonal were trying to achieve with their Sanskrit mantra “Shivohum” last year.  Zen Dub uses Asian influences to help make “Invoke” a unique experience, and the compelling vocal makes it more than just the average drum and bass electronic release. It’s as challenging as Disclosure’s recent releases, and the album title reminds me of the same-named 90’s project by German producer Michael Cretu which brought other styles and cultures to Top 40 radio with tracks like “Return To Innocence”. “Invoke” is a highly recommended step away from the big beats of today’s dance music and demonstrates enjoyable alternate flavours that are available for more progressive electronic music fans.