Denmark’s Boye & Sigvardt @Boye_Sigvardt have two striking back-to-back dance singles with “Microdose” and “Over Till It’s Over”


BOYE & SIGVARDT, “Over Till It’s Over”

These days, releases come by so quickly that I’m thinking it’s sometimes better to wait and write about a pair of back-to-back top drawer songs than by themselves. Danish producers Christian Boye and Christian Sigvardt are names well known to readers of this blog, and their two recent releases of “Microdose” and “Over Till It’s Over” can’t go unnoticed. Both are uptempo house tracks, with “Microdose” having the added bonus of a tremendous vocal by Jordan Shaw that gives the song all kinds of dimension on its own.  Add that to an engaging hook and melody and “Microdose” is well worth your time and attention. “Over Till It’s Over” is a little more familiar and more of a Top 40 dance/pop record than “Microdose”, but its zesty bounce and quieter, thoughtful moments, along with its soulful uncredited male vocal make it well above average for the genre. 

I wish sometimes that some major label releases weren’t so compartmentalized to focus on the country of origin. Both of these songs are released by Warner Denmark, but have such wide appeal that Warner itself should really focus on them worldwide!  There, I’ve said it!