Amsterdam-based California R&B/pop producer/songwriter @_BlackSands takes you on an emotional journey with “Used To It” from the EP “Afterglow”


In “Used To It”, California electronic/pop producer/songwriter Black Sands (aka Andrew Balfour) concludes that while life will not be the same after an unfortunate and tragic event, he must move on, and thus takes us on an emotional foray with The Weeknd as his clear inspiration for his new music. The song comes to a stylized fruition thanks to L.A. R&B/pop vocalist Martino. Because of his voice, “Used To It” reminds me of The Weeknd’s music circa Starboy and My Dear Melancholy, which is some of my favourite music of The Weeknd’s career, all recorded in the aftermath of a breakup. The synths sparkle and create their own kind of twilight. Black Sands recorded his new EP Afterglow following the sudden death of his sister.  And while the stories are bleak, they never come across that way at a distant listen.  Listen closely though and you’ll grasp that Black Sands has achieved something far from ordinary with his new songs.