Check out 90’s inspired alt.rock from Toronto-based singer/songwriter @PaulManchin with “Gratification”

PAUL MANCHIN, “Gratification”

Post-grunge 90’s rock influences seem to be in store for a revival lately, and “Gratification” by Toronto-based singer/songwriter Paul Manchin is part of that inspiration.  Often working in the background as a songwriter or musician, Paul has also released a number of his own albums over the years too, and many of his songs have received placements on TV. While it contains Beatles vibes particularly through the piano melody, “Gratification” also gives nods to artists like Smashing Pumpkins and Beck in terms of vocal style and guitar work.  It’s certainly helped by crisp production by co-writer and Grammy winner David Bottrill, who has worked with not only the Pumpkins, but also Peter Gabriel and Rush. Paul’s voice has a laid back Billy Corgan-meets-John Lennon-esque tone with a soulful side, and even with a myriad of influences, “Gratification” sounds fresh and could easily find a place on alt.rock or college radio station playlists.