Meet Las Vegas singer/songwriter @iamJennaJay with the touching pop of “Someone Real”

JENNA JAY, “Someone Real”

Jenna Jay is a new singer/songwriter from Las Vegas who you can get to know with her latest single “Someone Real”. It’s a well-written and touching pop song that zeroes in on finding that soulmate or special person with whom you can share your life. The song is relatable to young people who have had a constant and frustrating struggle with self-worth, thinking that they are the reason why they can’t find someone to love, sometimes setting unrealistic ideals about themselves and of others. But “Someone Real” offers hope that your lover is out there and may just find you, too. The video above is well shot with beautiful imagery, colours and wardrobe. Jenna has a pleasing and affecting voice, and she knows how to write songs that suit it well.