Meet British electronic pop duo Laya Laya with the other-worldly appeal of “Asteroid”

LAYA LAYA, “Asteroid”

The glossy sheen of “Asteroid”, the latest single from British electronic pop duo of Indian heritage Laya Laya, hides a lovelorn vulnerability which has an out-of-norm appeal as one package.  The duo, Freya Zai and Super Joshi, want you to think way outside the box and imagine the unattainability of love floating out there in space like an asteroid. It sounds so remote, that you want to reach out and grab it, and as Freya sings “I want you to myself”, which could be a subtitle for the song as the phrase resonates in the chorus. “Asteroid” is beautifully sung with delicate-sounding music leaving the lyrics to pack the punch, and has already received support from BBC Radio. Stylistically think of Frank Ocean and George Michael meet Dusty Springfield and Sophie B. Hawkins and go from there.