Sweden’s @theRasmusHagen has a pop winner with “Learn To Love”

RASMUS HAGEN and MAXINE, “Learn To Love”

For many people, giving love a second chance can be painful, especially when disconnecting from what happened in a previous relationship.  For others, it’s about taking that risk where you “Learn To Love” again.  Swedish singer/songwriter Rasmus Hagen has created this song in conjunction with fellow vocalist Maxine, and there is definite chemistry here that’s easily compared with a Halsey-like duet.  Rasmus is a platinum selling artist in Sweden. He has an easy-going voice that wouldn’t sound out of place next to Ed Sheeran or John Mayer, and you might have already heard him sing on dance producer John De Sohn’s “Love You Better”.  With its wistful melody that Rasmus knows how to dial up when he needs to, the song is a reminder to listeners that second chances are possible especially if both parties are vulnerable enough to surrender to the special moments that they bring.