Indian artist @Ashwynmusic releases uplifting new single “Pyar”

ASHWYN, “Pyar”

Indian producer, singer and guitarist Ashwyn follows up his recent singles “Deja Vu” and “Sell My Soul” (which has reached #9 on my personal chart) with an uplifting new lyrical single. It’s called “Pyar”, which is the Urdu word for “love”, and quite a change of direction from when Ashwyn was recording EDM records under the name Astra.  The song is about how transformative love can be in one’s life, and more than his other songs showcases Ashwyn’s pleasing voice and personality, which you can see in the video above. “Pyar” is a song meant for sunny days, touching indie pop with a universal message. It’s also suited for days when you need to put your head into a different, positive space – it will certainly help you get there.