Love goes for the gusto in “One By One” by @RachelWoznow and producer @LittleRainmusic


One By One” is one of those songs that takes about 30 seconds before it immediately lights up a room.  It’s sung by Canada’s Rachel Woznow, following up the recent “Homesick” with Quebec’s Kayliox, and deftly produced by South Korea’s Little Rain (aka Yuchan Kim). Rachel’s top notch vocal truly gets to the heart of what the song is all about – taking a good relationship with someone and watching it grow into something even more special. Little Rain’s flair for sparkling synths and memorable melodies serves him well in this slaphouse setting, and caps his recent releases “Ghost” with Kacey Fifield and “Moonlight” with Devyn Rush.  Once you hear “One By One” you’ll simply want to play it more and more.  An extended mix would make this one dynamite in the offering for clubs.