“I Kissed You Politely” is a powerful dialogue about the wise use of femininity by London’s @KittyMontague

KITTY MONTAGUE, “I Kissed You Politely”

Despite its unassuming title, “I Kissed You Politely” is a provocative new single by London singer/songwriter Kitty Montague.  It’s a powerful dialogue on how women can use their femininity to their advantage by consistently showing exactly what they mean through their actions. Somehow over the course of time, it came to be that men often think that a kiss is an invitation for affection and even more; a wise woman knows that if she provides a kiss on a cheek or a slight kiss on the lips that she’s being polite, and nothing more. So “I Kissed You Politely” is about women taking back control, because if more women do, then men will get the right message without issue – after all, it’s better to have had a nice time with someone even if it didn’t go further than you might expect. With pulsating synths and an unexpected tropical guitar sound, “I Kissed You Politely” has a rich melodic backdrop that you can delight in when your attention is not diverted by Kitty’s soul-tinged voice and fine choice of words.