Indie singer/songwriter Bishop Ivy returns with forthright “Stand Up”

BISHOP IVY, “Stand Up”

Pittsburgh-based Bishop Ivy is a singer/songwriter who grows more with each release, and there doesn’t seem to be a set pattern either to his style from song-to-song, which always leads to some pleasant unpredictability about what he will offer next.  “Stand Up” is a chill song with a forthright message. It’s about using your own power within to challenge and perhaps take control away from others in your life. The melody is eerie at times and almost seems to belong in another song, and when there’s a bit of a pause after the two minute mark, instead of shutting the song off, you wait because his story isn’t entirely finished, and neither is the wistful melody. “Stand Up” gets props because it’s an ambitious song but fans of alternative and college radio will enjoy.