Indie dance artist Michael Medrano @stachepapi strikes a chord with brisk and fun “I Don’t Wanna Talk About Love”

MICHAEL MEDRANO, “I Don’t Wanna Talk About Love”

Dance music isn’t often given enough credit for being thoughtful and capturing the feelings and sentiments of its audience. California-based indie dance artist Michael Medrano has that down pat with his releases which wander from strange and unique to more accessible fun dance/pop.  “I Don’t Wanna Talk About Love” slides into the latter category, with Michael taking several Charlie Puth-esque cues in his runs in the chorus, which form the memorable centre of the song. And Michael even has a brief spoken monologue which is the answer to “why don’t you wanna talk about love?”.  The self-proclaimed disco dad has a strong social media following which spreads the word about his releases, and Michael’s “I Don’t Wanna Talk About Love” is an easy one for dance/pop fans and even club DJ’s to embrace.