Portland, Oregon singer/songwriter @HaleyJohnsenmus sings of internal pressures and self-realization in “Goner”


Haley Johnsen is a singer/songwriter from Portland, Oregon who has released a few EP’s and albums (including an acoustic one from 2020 that was recorded live at Abbey Road Studios in London) over the past five years, and plays bass with dance artist Big Wild.  She returns with “Goner”, which has a downbeat, sombre melody that argues with lyrics about internal pressures before self-realization rears its head, meaning that neither the present nor the future should be feared.  In fact, it reinforces being at peace with oneself and as realizing, as she says, ” that my childlike self is still very much alive in me”.  Haley’s voice has been aptly compared to the late British singer Eva Cassidy, and fits nicely into the pocket with many other indie women singers that I’ve written about such as Molly Moore and Gillian.  So don’t let the relaxed pace of “Goner” trick you – it’s a lovely, authentic pop song with an unexpectedly inspiring message.