“Swimming In Gold” is sparkling dance/pop from @John_Skyfield @theLaurentius and @MAYLYN_music


For a dance/pop song that will light up themusic, room, you need listen no further than “Swimming In Gold”, a collaboration between Germany producer John Skyfield, Dutch producer Laurentius, and prolific Nashville-based singer/songwriter MAYLYN.  Its lilting melody and bright synths are in complete sync with its lyrics, which are a celebration about being in love.  But “Swimming In Gold”‘s pedigree proves the dynamics in the trio that created it. John Skyfield is currently on my chart as a producer with Shoby and Victor Perry on “Wish I Didn’t Miss You”. I’ve written about Laurentius before with his songs “Stay The Night” (also with Victor) and “Fucking To Forget”. MAYLYN’s big moment came not long ago with co-writing and singing “Yellow” with Martin Jensen and Giiants. It’s always fascinating to see all of this talent connect and make such an enjoyable release.