Australia’s @Parralox is back with a sublime cover choice, The Human League’s “The Black Hit Of Space”

PARRALOX, “The Black Hit Of Space”

John von Ahlen’s Parralox project is usually unpredictable with its oft-80’s inspired originals as well as many of the sublime and sometimes daring cover choices that have been recorded over the years.  Bowing to the legacy that is The Human League, John and team have reached back to pre-Dare! Human League to record “The Black Hit Of Space”.  The original was (at the time) futuristic sounding, deliberately paced progressive electronica from the album Travelogue, and the band also included Martyn Ware and Ian Craig Marsh, who subsequently left to form Heaven 17.  Parralox’s rendition of “The Black Hit Of Space” reimages the song as an uptempo Martin Rushent-produced slice of electropop.  The late and much revered Rushent produced numerous 80’s new wave releases including those by Pete Shelley, The Stranglers, The Associates, and even The Go Go’s Talk Show album.  The song is accompanied in the video by images that appear to have been culled from the early 70’s Canadian TV show “UFO”, which has a cult following 50+ years later.  Parralox has succeeded with “The Black Hit Of Space” by turning it inside out and putting a fresh, contemporary spin on it.