British Columbia trio @daysormay return with new album called Just Existing and single “25”

daysormay, “25”

British Columbia trio daysormay have a flair for creating bright and fun-sounding songs that have a much deeper side to them.  With songs that bask in hip hop flavours in an alternative rock setting, the guys are back with a full album called Just Existing, which is accompanied by new single and video, “25”.  At first listen, “25” sounds like an enjoyable, quirky alt.pop song with singalong potential.  But with subsequent listens, you realize that the song is actually about mental health challenges that young adults face, especially now-unrealistic demands, self-imposed or imposed by others, like being a success by age 25. daysormay’s singer Aidan Andrews has solid every-guy appeal to get the message across, and the video does offer some deft, subtly humorous moments. “25” is well-suited for college and alternative rock radio play, which could help generate more buzz for a clearly talented trio.