Check out @K3SSmusic’s atmospheric and early 2000’s trance-influenced “Tell Me”

K3SS and NANDA HAY, “Tell Me”

While some say progressive trance music may have had its peak in the early 2000’s, it has since continued to cultivate fans of its brooding, mysterious songs and its multi-layered, often stunning synth melodies. With a release like Above & Beyond’s “Almost Home” now becoming a national dance radio hit, a trance revival appears to be underway, which will make room for songs by artists such as San Diego’s K3SS (aka Ken Sierra, and pronounced “KESS”).  The first part of “Tell Me” is hypnotic, with Nanda Hay’s potent delivery suiting the futuristic setting and creating an atmosphere of lust and desire. The rest of the song is a trippy and enigmatic instrumental, taking you on an indefinite journey, prospectively to your deepest thoughts and wishes. “Tell Me” has significant sync possibilities for soundtracks to video games and short films. K3SS is in the midst of enjoying a prolific set of recent releases, and “Tell Me” is ripe for your attention.