U.S. singer/songwriter @JohnnyStimson releases new EP “Butterflies” featuring “Material Things”

JOHNNY STIMSON, “Material Things”

Johnny Stimson is no newcomer to the music scene and used the pandemic as a way to create his focused new 8 song EP Butterflies.  Pairing new songs with singles that he’s released over the past year or so, the imaginative Dallas-born singer/songwriter has created his own fresh start with this EP.  “Material Things” is as good as any song to begin with, a quick and gently sung tune with some pop culture references that we can relate to when we shop for stuff because it makes us feel good. The video is light-hearted, the production is clean and the melody is strong which help put “Material Things” over the edge. Johnny has had support from the hit machine that is BTS, was previously signed to Elton John’s Rocket Records, has toured with Tori Kelly, and had a #2 hit in Indonesia as well as Shazam’s most-played indie song in the UK.  With all of those remarkable career highlights and a new EP of solid songs, Johnny Stimson continues to be a performer who will surprise you with what comes next.