Singer/songwriter @Cobimusic wears his emotions up front in bluesy rocker “Fools Gold” from his new album “Songs From The Ashes”

COBI, “Fools Gold”

Cobi has long been a talent on my radar, since his days in the fondly remembered pop/rock ensemble Gentlemen Hall.  He’s been solo though for several years, and his songs have been anchored often by bluesy rock arrangements.  The west coast-based singer/songwriter debuted his new album Songs From The Ashes last week on You Tube, and I was happy to watch the intimate performance as the affable and humble Cobi shouted out long time fans who were watching him weave through the impressive songs from the album. One of my favourites, “You’re Mine”, was a previous single, as were fan favourites “Everything You Need” and “Queen Of The Damned”. “Fools Gold” is the opening track, a new song that painstakingly recalls a manipulative relationship that made the protagonist a paranoid “merchant of of pain on the road” believing that “your love is an illusion”, pushing it away from an irreparable broken heart.  “Fools Gold” unleashes the emotions buried deep under long-healed scars, and Cobi’s guitar work is nothing short of fantastic, seething the pain while Cobi sings his story.  Once you hear “Fools Gold” you’ll want to hear all of what Cobi has to offer in Songs From The Ashes. In addition to the studio version above, you can also check out Cobi’s recent acoustic performance of “Fools Gold” below.