The amazing @DarrenHayes is back singing “Cold To Me”, a seamless electronic pop ballad by UK producer @iamLouisLaRoche


He hasn’t released much music since his superb 2011 album Secret Codes & Battleships, so it’s hard to say if we’ll hear more of the golden voice of Darren Hayes anytime soon. I was fortunate to see the singer in a delightful but brief live performance in 2016 in L.A. But long-time friend Louis La Roche has got him for “Cold To Me”, which he and Darren co-wrote and appears on Louis’ new album We’re Not So Different.  “Cold To Me” will stop you in its tracks first because it’s a new song sung by Darren and second because his vocal is so pristine. The lyrics harken back to a past relationship that is likely long gone, and reflect on how we all can feel so far removed from it after it’s in the past. I for one can totally relate! Louis knows how to bring the song to life with a sparkling arrangement that’s so complimentary to Darren’s vocal. “Cold To Me” is one you don’t want to let slip by!