“Go On” is the ethereal single from Poland’s @HelaineVismusic included in her new album “Pretty Cliché”


Back at the end of summer, I introduced you to Polish singer Helaine Vis and her single “Ice”, a moody, jazzy track about heartache.  Continuing in that theme is “Go On”, which, like “Ice”, is a stand out from her new album Pretty Cliché. “Go On” mixes in electronics with electric guitars for a Cocteau Twins-meets-Lily Allen kind of sonic experience.  Lyrically, “Go On” seems to want to avoid heartache all together through indecision by dissolving a relationship before it ever gets a chance to grow.  It’s a longer than usual track that takes its time getting to its resolve, leaving the progressive backdrop to carry on long after the singing stops.  It’s not for everyone but “Go On” leaves you wanting to know more. Helaine’s vocal is suitably slight and hollow-sounding, and she succeeds in creating a compelling, unusual song.