The fab @KeiynanLonsdale pumps up the energy in “Gods Of The Disco”


For those not familiar with the talented singer and actor, Keiynan Lonsdale is the Australia-born star who portrayed Kid Flash in TV’s “The Flash” and had a prime role in the film “Love, Simon”, which he reprised recently in its TV counterpart “Love, Victor”. He’s been making records for the last five years or so, including last year’s full album Rainbow Boy, with great response from the indie music community.  Challenging us with every release, “Gods Of The Disco” manages to embody the music and sounds of the 70’s disco era, and brings it up to date in a slick production. Its entertaining video starts off as a night club performance in a club (the look reminds me of Ne-Yo), but there’s a fantasy element of it that comes alive about 2/3 of the way through, though its story seems incomplete. Nonetheless, Keiynan’s vocal sounds great, and there is terrific choreography that offers up some fine dance moves, making “Gods Of The Disco” an energetic retro romp with a few twists.