“Pain Killer” is an edgy alt.electronic track by Buffalo, NY’s @Grabbitz

GRABBITZ, “Pain Killer”

“Pain Killer” is the new standout track by Buffalo, NY native Grabbitz. Otherwise known as Nick Chiari, Grabbitz’s collaboration with Canada’s Rezz, “Someone Else”, became not only a Juno Awards-nominated electronic hit last year, but also an alternative radio smash – something that I was pleased to have envisioned when I wrote about it.  “Pain Killer” (co-written and co-produced by Canada’s Shaun Frank) is a logical follow up to that track, with Grabbitz’s vocal once again channeling Kurt Cobain, with moody, inventive, and sometimes quite crunchy production that makes it memorable.  I think that alternative radio will also have room for this one, which will appeal to fans who like their rock music heavier and electronic.