Australian indie rock quintet @Moonwoodmusic return with the poignant “Sydney Lights”

MOONWOOD, “Sydney Lights”

This past Fall, Australian quintet Moonwood – actually a group comprising members from Australia, the USA and Canada – caught my attention with their edgy rock ballad “Slow Down”. “Sydney Lights” takes a few steps away from “Slow Down” and shows off the versatility of the group that once again throws a huge spotlight on talented singer Jake, holding down tightly the song’s almost five minute length.  “Sydney Lights” is about Jake’s relocation to Australia from the USA and finding a growing appreciation for his new surroundings. But the song can be taken even in broader strokes, with a melody that would generate amazement and wonder under the bright lights in any big city. The guys in Moonwood no doubt know their U2 and Coldplay well, but “Sydney Lights” glistens with a lot of subtleties which convince the listener in the end that they shine at what they do, leaving the door wide open for what’s to follow.