Canadian producer Ryan Shepherd @RyShepherdmusic releases the sophisticated house of “Never Give Up On You” featuring @GeorgiKay

RYAN SHEPHERD and GEORGI KAY, “Never Give Up On You”

Ryan Shepherd returns with a solid track for late night house sets called “Never Give Up On You”. His smooth beats and darker-than-usual rhythms are a fine match for the recognizable voice of L.A. based British-Australian singer/songwriter Georgi Kay, who is perhaps better known as a solo artist (you’ll recall her anthem “In My Mind”) and songwriter than as a featured vocalist. I like it when songs can pull out all of the stops and hit many of the right buttons without dazzling us with gimmicks and other bells and whistles. “Never Give Up On You” doesn’t offer anything new thematically but it’s an immediate dance floor draw for clubs for which some remixes could be beneficial.