Meet new UK singer @LucyElizamusic who puts a pure pop spin on @BillieEilish’s “No Time To Die”

LUCY ELIZA, “No Time To Die”

In these days when the music scene is saturated with truly awful cover versions, it’s refreshing to find new talent that decides to do their own take on a popular song. Meet 20 year old York, England singer Lucy Eliza, whose debut single is a cover of the Billie Eilish theme for the James Bond movie “No Time To Die”. While the movie finally made it to theatres this year, the song was released in February 2020, promptly debuting at #1 in the UK, achieving Top 10 status in most of the world, #16 on the Billboard Top 100, and a Grammy for best song in a visual medium. That’s an incredibly hard act to follow, so the wise thing to do is to avoid competing with it. Lucy Eliza’s rendition of “No Time To Die” is a pure pop spin with a vocal that recalls Katy Perry or Ellie Goulding, and has a backdrop of ear-catching synth effects. And what could be a questionable idea for a debut release actually works surprisingly well because of its integrity in staying in its own indie lane. Lucy Eliza’s vocal captures a similar emotion to Billie’s without honing in on her now-trademark goth-meets-emo style. So yes, “No Time To Die” by Lucy Eliza is certainly worth your attention and we’ll see where she heads next.