Check out the new escapist rock anthem “We Should Go Missing” by NYC duo @RebelKicksmusic

REBEL KICKS, “We Should Go Missing”

Rebel Kicks is a duo comprising NYC brothers Anthony and Steven Babino, who have a compelling and energetic sound on “We Should Go Missing” that probably translates well from their live performances. “Missing” follows up Rebel Kicks’ album A Portrait Of Man: Part One, and it’s a euphoric rock anthem of escapism that sings about that magical place where we can all be free and happy. That’s not a new theme by any means, but Rebel Kicks have all of the key elements in their favour – passionate vocals, tight musicianship, well-grounded production, and a vibrant, memorable melody. Sometimes it’s harder for bands who play live to translate what they do well to record or vice-versa. “We Should Go Missing” is one song that you’ll want to experience in concert.