Oh to be young and in love while “We’re Still Young”, from Russian electronic producers M.O.O.N. Pro and New York singer/songwriter Alessa

M.O.O.N. Pro and Alessa, “We’re Still Young”

“We’re Still Young” is a delightful deep house collaboration between Russian electronic dance producers M.O.O.N. Pro and New York-based singer/songwriter Alessa.  It documents one of those ideal times when you’re with a special someone and nothing else matters in the world. M.O.O.N. Pro previously demonstrated how adept they are at creating a pristine backdrops of synths and beats with their spring release “Feel” with British singer/songwriter Joe Jury. Alessa is a relatively new name to the pop/dance world, with previous releases on Enhanced and Black Hole labels, and she provides a sweet, gentle and genuine vocal to bring home the song she co-wrote with a talent that’s ever-present in these blog pages in 2021, Robbie Rosen. “We’re Still Young” is enjoyable ear candy that will stick with you.