Vancouver’s @StrangeAdvance1 returns with album “Strange Advance 4” after over 30 years which includes “In Your Mind”


Strange Advance is one of the most beloved Canadian groups to arrive out of the new wave scene in 1982, which yielded a number of domestic hits such as “We Run”, “Love Becomes Electric”, “She Controls Me” and the alternative radio classic “Worlds Away”.  According to a recent TV interview, the death of David Bowie five years ago compelled leader Drew Arnott to record new songs and perform live, over 30 years after the release of their third album The Distance Between (which was reissued in 2016). Plans to play live until recently were scuttled by the pandemic, so Strange Advance have now released the album Strange Advance 4. Time took no hiatus from Strange Advance’s unique sound, a blend of 80’s new wave, pop, and progressive rock, so the songs on 4 sound more like a continuation of their 80’s music rather than an entirely new start.  4 is a solid album of many moods, but the punchy, big sound of “In Your Mind” (above) is the standout.  It offers a fulsome band sound rather than one strictly carried by synthesizers, and leaves you with anticipation about further live performances that Strange Advance has scheduled for next spring, in Vancouver and Toronto to start.  Strange Advance also recently recorded a faithful cover of the 1982 Canadian smash “Nova Heart” by then-contemporaries Spoons for the recent compilation Spoons tribute album Spoons Echoes, which you can hear below. Let’s have a big welcome back for Strange Advance and do check out Strange Advance 4 as well.