NYC’s Victor Perry @wallflowerperry teams up with French dance producer Eneko Artola @Artola_Eneko for mid-tempo ballad “Velvet Garden”


It’s so important to find the right match for a great voice, and I’m glad that French dance producer Eneko Artola and NYC singer/songwriter Victor Perry paired up for the mid-tempo ballad “Velvet Garden”. It’s a strong song that could easily have been made into a too-familiar slow and seductive ballad, but the team behind it went another route, with snappy but subtle production that allows Victor to work his vocal magic. The “Velvet Garden” here could be a secret, safe and special place for a regular rendezvous, or you can choose to interpret it differently. Victor has released so many high quality songs in 2021, including a few covers, and “Velvet Garden” stands out among his best originals.  It’s first-class soulful pop/dance that could fit into just about any playlist.