Singapore teen producer @Foxelamusic has a reprise with @RobbieRosenlive for the deep house of “Think About You”

FOXELA and ROBBIE ROSEN, “Think About You”

Following up their Fall 2021 release “Six Feet Under”, 19 year old Singapore producer Foxela and the immensely talented Robbie Rosen return together with the wickedly fun deep house of “Think About You”. Both artists are extremely prolific, but “Think About You” manages to stand out thanks to a spicy story (in a co-write with Jessica Lattman) and deft, creative production which effectively pitches down Robbie’s voice in spots, which would really resonate well on huge nightclub speakers. The deep house groove of “Think About You” packs a wallop, and it holds up well next to any darker house track that is meant to stake its claim and keep a DJ set thriving.