Call it whatever you want, but the wonder of “Mysteria” comes packaged with 80’s retro vibes from Canadian artist MELØ

MELØ, “Mysteria”

“Mysteria” is an instant earworm that takes you there and back to that individualized enigmatic place of fantasy and fun.  The singer/songwriter is Windsor, Ontario based MELØ, whose appealing vocal and easy-to-digest songwriting style go a long way – you’ll have no problem singing along to the hook of “Mysteria” after a few listens. While the goal is purely contemporary pop, “Mysteria” is full of early 80’s melodic vibes – which seems very in vogue now for some reason – that draw perhaps from strong, memorable songs by Hall & Oates, David Bowie, and Cyndi Lauper. MELØ knows what he’s doing and has a full album called Songs From The Spirit Box coming that will put his diverse influences on display. For now “Mysteria” is convincing pop candy that you’ll have on repeat.