Singer/songwriter/actor @NiallMcNamee brings Irish folk to the fore with pensive “All I Need”


Irish folk music is hardly a sub-genre that I often write about, but when it crosses over with pop flavours and an intriguing story, then I know my readers will enjoy the song. Niall McNamee is a singer, songwriter and actor, who has worked with Pierce Brosnan, Jackie Chan and Bono on-screen and offers a sad but hopeful tale in “All I Need”. Because the song is arranged as a celebratory anthem of life, you won’t know till you dig in deeper after a couple of listens that the song is about a man seeing his life flash before his eyes before he passes. Niall’s personable and engaging voice draws you in, in a similar way to Mike Scott of The Waterboys, which makes the lyrics ring true and softens the emotional impact, and in turn you are more inclined to cheer a life well-lived rather than mourn it. “All I Need” is a song that’s hard not to like and enjoy. A radio edit of the song is also available at the link below.