“Sun” is cool chamber pop from German singer/songwriter Jamila Al-Yousef


“Sun” is indeed a bright, optimistic light in the world of independent alternative pop music. The singer/songwriter is Berlin-based Jamila Al-Yousef who offers a cool chamber pop arrangement to reinforce the positive message behind “Sun”, which is not to fight yourself, just show up, and get on with making your day the best that it can be, using the sun rising and setting as food-for-thought imagery. Jamila’s vocal is likeable and could easily be inspired by legends like Joni Mitchell, Carole King and Joan Baez. But she brings another dimension to that inspiration through her culture as a daughter of Palestinian immigrants, and she was in fact born on the day the Berlin Wall fell. Known in Germany as a cultural and political activist and also as a teacher, Jamila Al-Yousef brings a lot of perspective to her music which we can enjoy and appreciate.