Wicked deep house rhythms and dark synths surround thought-provoking lyrics in “Makan” by Beirit producer @Imadmusicoff with vocalist Samia

IMAD and SAMIA, “Makan”

“Makan” is one of the rare songs that feeds both your feet and your head.  Brought to you by Beirut-born producer Imad along with Chicago-based, Beirut-born vocalist/co-writer Samia, “Makan” offers a scintillating, hypnotic mix of deep house and techno, with luscious, dark synths – the kind of song a club DJ would play in a heartbeat. All of this fantastic, layered music surrounds some thought-provoking, lyrics about having to leave home for a better life – an emotional, often traumatic upheaval that Lebanese people have faced after living amid strife every day. Samia’s soothing vocals brighten the song and at one point she sings Arabic poetry where home is not forgotten.

Imad says, “The past year living in Lebanon has been extremely tough, with constant blackouts, wifi crashes, fuel crisis, economic collapse, it was very challenging to keep productive and be inspired. But it’s through these moments where you learn the most about yourself, your craft and appreciate the small things in life.” 

“Makan” is an edgy and beautiful release, one which the open-minded dance community should fully embrace.