California-based producer/DJ #Pillows returns with her electronic R&B spin on @JTimberlake’s “My Love”

PILLOWS, “My Love”

I always enjoy it when one artist takes the time to reinvent a hit of the past by putting an unexpected few spins on it.  As such, Hungary-born, California-based producer/DJ Pillows (aka Anna Negyesi) is back after making a splash last year with songs like “Wasted”, with her unpredictable spin on “My Love”, originally a #1 hit in 2006 by Justin Timberlake and T.I. from Justin’s classic and still amazing FutureSex/LoveSounds album. And while I’m a huge fan of that album, the production on “My Love” remains attached to its time period. Pillows has stripped the song of its Timbaland trappings and effects, which allows it to go straight to the heart of its beautiful lyrics amid more delicate surroundings. Her pitched down vocal gives the song a different and effective read, making it an ideal aural calling card for Valentine’s Day or some fine tender moments together with someone special.