“No Relation” marks a solid new release for Canada’s R&B queen @JullyBlack

JULLY BLACK, “No Relation”

Jully Black is Canada’s reigning queen of R&B. She’s an amazing, multi-talented performer who has got away from recording music over the last seven years to turn her attention to other recent feats, such as the theatre as well continuing to be a leading international spokesperson for black women. “No Relation” is a firm kiss off to a lover who won’t take a hint, and Jully’s vocal, lyrics and video above lead the way to empower any woman to take back control when it’s needed. It’s solid contemporary soul and makes a lot of the new soul you hear on the radio pale in comparison. Deservedly inducted into Canada’s Walk of Fame last year representing a diverse 20+ year career, Jully is back with new music and the best is certainly still to come.