Check out NYC newcomer Amaya Santos with the soulful and reflective pop of “Carousel”

AMAYA SANTOS, “Carousel”

A great voice always needs an equally fine song as its match, and that is achieved by NYC newcomer Amaya Santos with “Carousel”. Her voice effortlessly glides over the funky bass and soulful melody which you would sometimes find in an old Doobie Brothers or Chicago song. But Amaya’s voice is all about the 2000’s, influenced by singers such as Aaliyah and Alicia Keys and with precision like Mariah Carey. “Carousel” is about being trapped in, and still fascinated by a relationship even after it’s over, but with a reflective side to encourage yourself and others to recognize the warning signs while it’s in play in order to avoid the same results. The buoyant melody indeed moves like a “Carousel” which helps keep the song stuck in your head long after it’s over.