Meet Belgian newcomer Bloodkorp with a new space age love song “Elle veut ma vie”

BLOODKORP, “Elle veut ma vie”

Bloodkorp is a new Belgian singer-songwriter-producer otherwise known as Chayene, who was signed to a development deal with Sony ATV France when he was 16.  And the bells and whistles haven’t been spared for his new single “Elle veut ma vie” (which means “she wants my life”), which is mastered by none other than Randy Merrill, known for his work with Adele and The Weeknd. And The Weeknd is the likely comparison you’ll have here, right down to the Bloodkorp artist name and the mystery behind this talented young man. The chorus of “Elle veut ma vie” translates as “She wants my life and I want her body / just for a night / a honeymoon under a blood moon”, which gives you a flavour of what you’re getting into in this entertaining song. It’s accompanied by an expensive-looking, video-game inspired video, which lends the song its space-age love song appeal. Bloodkorp joins his fellow Belgian artist Stromae as having the ability to crossover to the English language market with a song in French. He’s someone you’ll be hearing much more from in 2022.