UK indie pop/rock indie performer @AlfieTempleman kickstarts a busy 2022 with relatable “Broken”


“Broken” is a great way to start of 2022 for 19 year old Alfie Templeman, who has a busy year ahead of him. It’s a bright and chipper-sounding song whose melodies belie its more serious but relatable lyrics. We all sometimes feel broken and used up, and simply can’t give anymore. “Broken” wraps up those anxious feelings in a gentle story that’s given a positive spin by Alfie’s energetic vocal and a much more polished sound than past releases. Coming from the DIY world, it’s refreshing to hear someone grow quickly since I first wrote about him two years ago, and having new fans like Nile Rodgers can’t hurt.  Alfie starts a few months of touring in March, releases his debut album Mellow Moon on May 27, and plays the Tramlines festival in Sheffield on July. There’s much more to come from Alfie so keep your ears ready during the next while!