Groove away to the fast-paced house rhythms of “Spend Time” by L.A. producer @Shuhandz with vocalist @JoshRubinmusic in a @Provsounds remix

SHUHANDZ and JOSH RUBIN, “Spend Time” (Prov remix)

“Spend Time” is the kind of song you might expect to hear in a key, taut scene in a TV or film mystery that helps set the tone for the story. It’s brought to you by L.A. producer Shuhandz and Austin-based singer Josh Rubin in a splendid remix by Chicago producer Prov. It also happens to be an immediate draw as a post-midnight deep house track, with a rigorous rhythm that will send late night club goers into liftoff mode. The alternately chill and slick mood of the song with the enigmatic, echoey effect on Josh’s voice really stands out. But it’s that pulsating rhythm track which drives “Spend Time” and the proof will be to hear it pounding on huge club speakers for all to enjoy.