“Hold Me Down” is irresistible 90’s-flavoured house by Italy’s @LucaandGiam and Florida-based singer Sam Merkin @merkinsam

LUCA & GIAM and SAM MERKIN, “Hold Me Down”

You know those sneaky songs that make you want to spontaneously try to bust a move the best way that you can at the time, even if it’s all stuck in your head? Well “Hold Me Down” by Italian production duo Luca and Giam and Florida-based singer/songwriter Sam Merkin is one of them! It’s the kind of song that can easily switch the mood in a club set from familiar and mundane, to zesty and fun. The insistent 90’s piano house riffs, which recall a lot of Eurohouse that came out of Germany at the time like “What Is Love” and “Another Night”, along with Sam’s urgent but playful vocal give the straight-forward song instantly defining moments to make it memorable. “Hold Me Down” follows up Luca and Giam’s impressive recent work on Danny Dearden’s “Keep Me By Your Side”, which you read about here a short while ago.