“Marco Polo” is fanciful alt.pop by musical chameleon @missMollyMoore and German-born @NoMBemusic from the EP Escapism

MOLLY MOORE and NoMBe, “Marco Polo”

Over the last few years, L.A. based singer/songwriter Molly Moore has been honing a chill alt.pop style heavily influenced by jazz, hip hop and R&B, and even pre-rock era pop, that suits her to an “M”! Her recent four-song EP Escapism truly shows a pop chameleon now at work, someone who is taking risks while sounding creatively immersed too. This is several steps away from her past electronic pop and her songs with former beau Brandyn Burnette as duo Cosmos & Creature which I’ve written about over the last 7 years or so. “Marco Polo” is eclectic and entertaining, highly representative of the Escapism title in terms of discovering someone who is mutually interested in enjoying a fun, light-hearted time with one another. It features a nicely matched, carefree-sounding vocal interjection by co-writer, German-born singer/songwriter NoMBe. The vibe is original and catchy and Molly is definitely at her best here. Do check out the full EP for a well-rounded picture of Molly Moore’s current sound.