Get to know Toronto producer, musician and songwriter Beta One with the gentle and poignant “A Galaxy Of Stars” featuring singer Locul

BETA ONE and LOCUL, “A Galaxy Of Stars”

While there often doesn’t seem to be a lot of demand for soft pop these days, there is an audience for it that doesn’t bow down to social media connections. Toronto producer, musician and songwriter James de Pinho is otherwise known as Beta One, as he steps away from dance music for the gentle ballad “A Galaxy Of Stars”. With a low-key but appropriate vocal by Toronto singer Locul, “A Galaxy Of Stars” is about trying to find your soulmate in this vast world of ours, and often feeling like a “speck of light” when we’re “hiding in plain sight”. But Beta One has turned that feeling of disappointment into a positive as the melody line becomes uplifting though still poignant – we are all a part of “A Galaxy Of Stars” with our many unique talents and traits.