Meet L.A.-based singer/songwriter @JotSinghmusic with classic acoustic ballad “Don’t Play With Fire”

JOT SINGH, “Don’t Play With Fire”

While “Don’t Play With Fire” shows off a well-done but conventional guitar-based acoustic style, it’s Jot Singh’s pristine vocal tones that are the star of the show in which you can get to know him better. And if you’ve got a solid song that fits like a glove in this style, then it almost assuredly will win over some new fans. Kansas-born but now based in L.A., Jot has embarked on his journey with the help of seasoned professionals like bassist Sean Hurley and engineer Wil Anspach. With his vocal, songwriting and guitar talents in the bag, all Jot Singh needs now is an audience, and where good music travels, the audience follows. Be sure to give some love to “Don’t Play With Fire”.