Meet multi-talented brass musicians and production duo Intro To Music Theory @itsmustachetime with “It’s An Attitude”


Intro To Music Theory are producers and brass players Matt Waters and Matthew Busch, who are also California-bred music educators currently based in Hainan, China, and have channeled a bevy of influences into the rousing nightclub track “It’s An Attitude”. The result is a bit like creating a great soup – you add in all of the right ingredients and the result is something tasty and original. A provocative mix of jazz and 70’s funk anchors “It’s An Attitude”. There’s always something going on in the song for you to hear that will tickle your fancy, and of course the treat of showcasing live instruments like trumpet and trombone is not often heard in contemporary pop crossover music. So “It’s An Attitude” is most likely to cater to the whims of the sometimes fussy dance music crowd who are often yearning for something like this to dazzle them. Matt and Matthew have also started their own distribution company, Unchained Music, recognizing the potential for musicians to have control over their own work and find a new path towards monetization, a 100% free platform powered by DeFi and NFTs.