Progressive electronic producer @PatrickReza returns with taut and dark “Tears”

PatrickReza, “Tears”

In the not-so-long-ago, the enigmatic L.A.-based producer PatrickReza put his unique touches on other people’s work through remixes for most of the major dance labels, and then released some solo songs that got lost in the pop/dance spectrum. A few years ago he found his groove in the progressive electronic/dubstep genre, and has returned with the taut and dark “Tears” from his 3-song EP “Blood, Sweat, Tears”, featuring a song with each of those words. “Tears” to me is by far the most intriguing, with haunting imagery that recalls 90’s Massive Attack that would be interesting to see put into visual form. The deliberate but focused production keeps you hanging on whatever comes next both musically and lyrically, making “Tears” the kind of song that would instill a hush over a noisy crowd when played in a club or in concert. “Tears” isn’t for everyone but open-minded listeners with a bent for unpredictable electronic production will love it.